Sunday, August 26, 2012

Poll:  Obama still leading in Pennsylvania
“Obama holds a 51 to 42 percent lead over presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney among the state’s voters, according to a new Philadelphia Inquirer Pennsylvania Poll released Saturday.”

With this most recent poll, Obama has now led in 20 of the 21 public polls conducted in Pennsylvania this year -- and Romney has been mired in the low 40s -- which suggests the swing state designation this year might be overstated.  Voters appear to be reverting to form in a state hasn’t voted Republican at the presidential level since 1988.”


Seven states will determine election

On the eve of their national party conventions, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are locked in a close race to amass the requisite 270 Electoral College votes for victory. And the contest is exactly where it was at the start of the long, volatile summer: focused on seven states that are up for grabs.
Neither candidate has a significant advantage in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire and Virginia, which offer a combined 85 electoral votes, according to an Associated Press analysis of public and private polls, spending on television advertising and numerous interviews with Republican and Democratic strategists in battleground states.

The analysis, which also took into account the strength of a candidate's on-the-ground organization and travel schedules, found that if the election were held today, Obama would have 19 states and the District of Columbia, offering 247 votes, solidly in his column or leaning his way, while Republican Romney would have 24 states with 206 votes.”



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