Monday, October 29, 2012

Electoral College opinion map weekly update
The average of 30 online Electoral College opinion maps (with tossups) is currently:

Obama             237              
Romney           200              

Tossups           101              
Last week, the averages were Obama 239, Romney 199 and Tossups 100.

There are 13 online Electoral College opinion maps that assign all electoral votes to either Obama or Romney, disregarding the margin of error in the polls.  The current average (without tossups) is:

Obama           295                
Romney         243                

Tossups           0
Last week, the averages were Obama 287, Romney 251 and Tossups 0.

The average of three online Electoral College odds makers (Intrade, Iowa Electronic Markets and Betfair) currently show Obama with a 65% probability of winning and Romney with a 35% probability of winning, up 1 for Obama and down 1 for Romney from last week.


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