Monday, August 27, 2012

Electoral College opinion map weekly update

The average of 22 online Electoral College opinion maps is currently:

Obama             235    -8

Romney           196    unchanged

Tossups            107    +8

Based on the movement of the Electoral College opinion map averages, it appears that Romney has stopped what looked to be breakout momentum of the Obama campaign in early August. It was imperative for the Romney campaign to accomplish that first step in order to get back in the race. (On August 13, the average number of votes assigned to Obama was 255, 20 of which have now moved to the tossup category.) If Romney makes significant progress during the conventions and the debates of turning tossups red, he could very well peak at the right time to get to 270 on November 6.

The winning candidate now has 71 days left in the campaign to capture 270 electoral votes.


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