Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama ads defining Romney in Ohio
“ … the strategic risk that Romney has taken by declining — until this week — to run ads that present any counter-narrative about his work at Bain, where he says he gained expertise in creating jobs.  Instead, Romney has been defensive, airing commercials calling Obama's allegations false, but otherwise staying focused on portraying the president as a failure on the economy.”

Why are national polls close to even while swing state polls are trending positive Obama?

“The national numbers aren't changing much because Romney is actually gaining in the states that are not being bombarded with media.”

“If Mr. Romney holds a 30-point lead in Texas or something — which is worth about 2 points in the national popular vote given its large population — that would help to explain the apparent state poll and national poll discrepancy.”

North Carolina is still a tossup

“Every month in North Carolina the story remains the same- it's a sheer toss up and the way the campaigns have spent here reinforces that.”


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