Monday, November 5, 2012

Final Electoral College opinion map update
The average of 30 online Electoral College opinion maps (with tossups) is currently:

Obama             242         
Romney           200         

Tossups            96

There are 13 online Electoral College opinion maps which toss out the tossups and assign all electoral votes to either Obama or Romney.  The current average (without tossups) is:
Obama           301

Romney         237
Tossups           0

The average of three online Electoral College odds makers currently show Obama with a 73% probability of winning and Romney with a 27% probability of winning.

Obama leading in straw poll at Harry’s Bar
President Barack Obama is leading against challenger Mitt Romney in a straw poll at Harry’s Bar, an iconic Paris watering hole which has held a vote ahead of U.S. elections since 1924 and only got the results wrong twice.”

This is the final blog posting.  Thanks for coming by during these last 26 weeks.


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