Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Florida is crucial for Romney, but not for Obama
“For Mitt Romney and the Republicans, Florida is a must-win, the indispensable make-or-break prize they must capture on Election Day to regain the White House.

For President Barack Obama, Florida is the potential clincher, the knock-out punch, the big boost he may not need in terms of Electoral College votes but would love to have to ease his path to a second term and strengthen his mandate to govern.”

Romney’s path to 270 runs through Florida
"Every poll that's looked at Florida in recent weeks — at the core of them, they're all within the margins," Hughes said. "It's a dogfight."


CNN poll is bad news for Romney
If Republicans want to win big, they need to maintain that edge among seniors, both in Florida and nationally. This latest CNN poll shows that they are falling short of their 2010 mark, and are barely overperforming their 2008 numbers when Obama won the state by three points. Throw in demographic shift (older anti-Obama voters have died off, younger pro-Obama voters are replacing them, and the share of the white vote is decreasing), and it's not enough to close the gap to Obama.”


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