Thursday, October 11, 2012

Obama still leading in Pennsylvania
President Barack Obama holds an 8-point lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania, according to the results of a new poll announced Wednesday evening.”

Ohio still leaning Obama 
Internal Obama polling data show that all swing states have tightened up and that Romney is within the margin of error in Colorado, Florida


Population (2010): 18,801,310

Registered Voters: 36.00% R, 41.30% D, 22.70% I

, and Virginia


Population (2010): 8,001,024

Registered Voters: 0.00% R, 0.00% D, 0.00% I

. In Ohio


Population (2010): 11,536,504

Registered Voters: 0.00% R, 0.00% D, 0.00% I

, the gap has closed from what was an 8 to 10 point Obama lead to just outside the margin of error. It's now a dogfight across the swing-state battlefield and any sense of pre-debate complacency that some Obama hands feared was creeping into both turnout and fundraising has vanished.”


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